117 SE Taylor St.
Suite 101
Portland, OR 97214


Dinner Every Night




At Taylor Railworks we are serving Borderless American Cuisine on this side of the railroad tracks.

Our kitchen is inspired by the movement of migration across our country and the collaborations that happen between people, ingredients and place. Y’see, we love our grandparents cooking as much as we love yours…

We are fortunate to find ourselves in the Pacific Northwest where produce is abundant and the growing conditions are conducive to so many of the international ingredients that have captured our imaginations. We work with local farms to find the freshest produce and with local growers for the best in proteins. You’ll find some familiar American Classics on our menu, and some with an unexpected twist.

So, come join us for dinner. We’ve got just the right cocktail to pair with your appetizer, and somewhere on our list is the right bottle of wine for sharing.